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At Roetz, we believe in second chances. For discarded bikes and for people with poor job prospects. The Roetz Fair Factory Foundation was established in 2016 to provide a learning environment where our mechanics feel comfortable and can thrive at their own pace.

The foundation finances various educational programs, such as secondary vocational education “Certified Bicycle Technician” at ROC-TOP in Amsterdam and a dedicated participation-mentor giving one-on-one guidance from day one until transfer to permanent job. 


We want to inspire others to make a social impact. We give tours of the factory to governmental institutions, schools, start-ups and companies with a social and sustainable challenge. We make the Fair Factory available as inspiring location for workshops, events or excursions. We share our experiences and learnings over social entrepreneurship. 

Everyone is welcome!

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Join our ride and make a difference in the life of a person who deserved a second chance! Help us to increase the job prospects of the Roetz makers.

Donate time and knowledge, for example by giving the Roetz makers a skill-building workshop in the Fair Factory. Planning an event? Consider the Fair Factory as inspiring location. The rent will be donated to the fund. Or make a contribution to the Roetz Fair Factory Foundation. 

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The Roetz Fair Factory Foundation was established in August 2016. Members of the board work voluntarily and only receive expense allowance. 

Current members are:

Chairman: Frank Verheul, Stichting GoedWerkt
Secretary: Marijt Regts, Social Enterprise NL
Treasurer: Tiemen ter Hoeven, Roetz-Bikes BV

Address: Gedempt Hamerkanaal 99, 1021 KP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Contact: +31 20 8200 804 or
Reg. No.: 66638178
RSIN: 8566.41.352
IBAN: NL02TRIO0391201778


Creating job opportunities for people with low job prospects whilst maximizing recycling and minimizing waste of bicycles and parts - and all related actions tied to these goals.


Our policies are descibed in our policy plan which can be downloaded here (in Dutch)

Description of Activities and financials
After the end of our first fiscal year (31-12-2017) we will publish a detailed account of our activities and financials in our Social Annual Report 2017.