Roetz-Bikes | Circular & Sustainable Designer (E)-Bikes

Sustainable Designer Bicycles

Handbuilt in Amsterdam


Sustainable Designer Bicycles

Handbuilt in Amsterdam


Electric Bikes

Urban electric bikes

Next generation lifestyle E-Bikes with our integrated motor and battery hub.

Road Bikes

Comfortable city bikes

Comfortable commuter bikes in the traditional Dutch style.

Vigour Bikes

Agile LIFESTYLE bikes

Stylish bikes built for speed, made with top parts that give you the extra edge.

Design yours

Handmade in Amsterdam

Design your bike exactly how want it. Use the configurator online to customise every detail from frame size to mudguards.

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Our mission

Join our ride to a better world

As a social enterprise we nurture people with a distance from the labour market into becoming talented mechanics through our apprenticeship programs. We don't stop there; Each one of our bikes is manufactured using restored and treated bicycle frames, giving discarded bicycles a second chance too!

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Our Values


Circular economy

Minimal resource use

Resources are becoming scarce and this is a big problem when resources are not renewable. We aim for a circular economy in which products are designed with durability and reusability in mind and resource use is minimized. Moreover, we aim to maximize reuse, remanufacture and recycling of resources throughout all our processes, products and services.


Social enterprise

Putting people first

Roetz is about second chances, also for people. As a social enterprise, we nurture people with hidden talent to become experienced bicycle mechanics. In the Roetz Fair Factory in Amsterdam our job coaches and head mechanics train and develop people to advance in life, both personally and professionally.

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High quality

Top quality parts

At Roetz, we have designed bicycles that combine circularity and craftsmanship with the aesthetics and shape of original vintage bicycles. We guarantee premium quality bicycles through carefully selected reused steel frames and assembly of high quality components and accessories.

We keep our promise, with every ride.

Top quality guaranteed

We offer 5 years warranty on the bicycle frame, and 1 year warranty on all other parts and components. 8-weeks service included!

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Carefully handcrafted

All our bikes are handmade from carefully selected, reused bicycle frames, manufactured at the Fair Factory in Holland.

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Swap your old bike and benefit!

Return your old bike and we'll give it a 2nd life. In addition, you receive a 10% discount on your new Roetz bike!

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Second chances for talent

Every order creates second chances for talent and resources. Join us towards a more inclusive and circular future!

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Book a test ride

Want to try before you buy?

Simply fill in the form below to book a test ride at the Fair Factory in Amsterdam-Noord. 

When you arrive, you'll likely be able to meet one of our talented makers who put our bikes together.

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Meet our riders. Ride the change!

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