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Roetz warranty

No fine print, just the good stuff

We are transparant and clear about our warranty and liability. If you are really into the legal talk, take a look at our complete terms and conditions.

Warranty period

Roetz-Bikes grants one year warranty on parts, and a five-year warranty on material and construction errors of the frame provided the bike is treated well, used with care and maintained regularly. 

Make sure to keep you invoice as proof of purchase and the delivery note as proof of receipt. If you received the bicycle as a gift, the delivery note is sufficient.

The warranty expires if the bike has not received a first check-up after 10-12 week (which is demonstrated with invoice or receipt). All other parts as well as the lacquer have a one-year warranty.

The warranty on the Pendix eDrive used in the Tour+ electric bicycles is 2 years.

If a product or part is repaired or replaced during the warranty period, the warranty period will not restart. The date of delivery of the bicycle serves as the benchmark for the warranty period.

Warranty Exceptions

Normal wear, wrongful mounting, wrongful maintenance, use of parts or accessories that are not original or meant for the bike are not covered by our warranty. The warranty expires when frame, fork or other parts are changed and in case the bike is rented out to a third party.

Warranty on parts

The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defect part. Potential costs of (de)mounting are to be paid by the owner. In case of material or construction faults of frames and front forks within five years after purchase, Roetz-Bikes pays for the labor costs.


Roetz-Bikes is not liable for damage or defects through accidents, abuse, wrongful usage or inadvertence. Roetz-Bikes is not liable for incidental or consequential damage. In case of a defect, the owner is obligated to cease the use of the bike and do everything possible to prevent (further) damage. The liability of Roetz-Bikes is limited to our terms and conditions.


Claims have to be submitted via a Roetz dealer or to Roetz directly via our customer service claim portal.