Hand in your old bicycle & receive a discount on your new Roetz

Hand in your old bicycle

and receive an exchange discount on your new Roetz bike!

Hand in your old bike

Exchange your old bike at Roetz 

Do you want to hand in your old bicycle? Great! Then you're doing your part to contribute to the circular economy. You can hand in your bicycle at Roetz, we will recycle it with care and you will receive a €50 trade-in discount on a new Roetz bicycle! All you have to do is send us an email and hand in your old bike at our Amsterdam factory or at your local Roetz dealer. 

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Discount on your new bicycle

How it works

  • Send an email to info@roetz-bikes.nl to let us know you want to hand in your old bicycle or tell this your local Roetz dealer.
  • Receive a personal discount code of €50,-
  • Bring your old bike when you come to pick up your new Roetz.

 Receive discount code


You can return the bicycle to us at the Roetz Fair Factory, Schaafstraat 17 in Amsterdam. You can also hand in the bike at your local Roetz dealer. 

At Roetz, you always receive a €50 trade-in discount for your returned bicycle. You will receive this discount in the form of a personal discount code, that your can use when purchusing your new Roetz bicycle.

No, we cannot specifically refurbish your old bicycle into a new one, because we cannot keep track on all individual frames. But we do, of course, recycle it for you with care.

Design your own

Out with the old, in with the new

When you decide to hand in your old bike, the fun part can begin! Design your new bicycle yourself in the configurator: from color to crate, design it as you want!


Design now  

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