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Circular Branded Bikes

Four examples of Scientifically Supported Campaigns enhancing Brand Awareness, Mobility, and Sustainability

While circular branded bikes stand out as an intuitively beneficial choice for promoting sustainability, health, and brand visibility among SMEs like hotels, agencies and tech start-ups but also sports clubs and associations, Roetz sought to explore deeper.

Amidst the increasing dilution of terms like "circularity," Roetz embarked on a virtual tour across the Netherlands' most renowned universities. This wasn't just a pursuit of validation but a mission to fundamentally ground the intuitive benefits of circular branded bikes in solid academic evidence and expert insights, reclaiming the true value of circularity.

1. Agencies & Tech - Cutting Carbon, Attracting Talent

Just imagine a workplace where...  
Your commute contributes to a greener world. The first hotels have already started with an "Eco-Ride Workspace" scheme, equipping employees with circular branded bikes for their daily commute. Picture a company that not only reduces its carbon footprint but also attracts and retains talent by aligning with their values, leading the way in sustainable business practices.

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Findings from Dr. Lucas Verweij at the Delft University of Technology reveal that companies offering sustainable commuting options can reduce their carbon footprint by 15%. This scheme benefits employees with healthier commute options and can position an organization a sustainable leader, enhancing its attractiveness to prospective talent and partners focused on green initiatives.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Branded bikes of Lightspeed - proudly made by the talented technicians in the Fair Factory

2. Organisations & Clubs - Cycling Towards Health and Community

Just imagine a community where... 

Cycling isn't just a sport; it's a way of life. For sport club members it’s particularly easy to roll out a "Ride & Shine Program," rewarding members with their very own branded bikes for their active participation and achievements. Envision a club where every member's engagement not only boosts their health but also deepens their bond with the club’s brand, creating a vibrant, active company culture too.

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A study by Dr. Pieter van den Berg at Leiden University found that cycling boosts mental well-being by 20%. The program benefits club members by promoting their mental and physical health, while also elevating the club's status as an advocate for holistic well-being, attracting new members and strengthening the club's community presence.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The branded bicycle design or Hart Haarlem - a center for Art, Knowledge and Culture

3. Associations - Pedaling Towards Collective Eco-Action

Just imagine a partnership where... 
Your commitment to the environment also moves you through the city. Green Wheels Movement launches the "Pedals for Progress" campaign, offering discounted circular branded bikes to its members. Visualize a network of cyclists, each ride spreading the message of sustainability, strengthening ties within the community, and turning advocacy into action on two wheels.

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Research conducted by Dr. Eva de Vries from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam indicates that public engagement in eco-friendly initiatives can increase by 40% through collaborations. This partnership is not only beneficial for the participants but also establishes brands as strong advocates of sustainability, attracting customers and members who are passionate about health and the environment. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The branded bicycle design of Renewi - on their way to zero waste! 

4. SME’s - Loyalty Brews: The Sustainable Sip Strategy

Just imagine a workplace where... 
Your morning coffee comes with a side of sustainability. Picture a fleet of circular branded bikes, weaving through the city, delivering your favorite brew. Each pedal stroke broadcasts Café Velo's commitment to the planet, turning every delivery into a statement of eco-friendly values and drawing more customers into its green embrace.

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Research by Dr. Femke de Jong from the University of Groningen indicates that businesses engaging in sustainable practices see a 25% increase in customer loyalty. This initiative not only promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle for Café Velo’s customers but also solidifies the café's reputation as a sustainable leader, enhancing brand loyalty and recognition in the competitive café market.


This was not a simple quest for validation, but a dive into substantiating the benefits of circular brand bicycles with academic evidence, aiming to truly redefine circularity in the most practical way possible.

The conclusion: Why wait to be part of this vibrant future? Start configuring your own circular branded bike today, and ride into a sustainable tomorrow.


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