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lightweight e-bike powerful and regenerative unique design

Road bikes

perfect city bike easy to adjust comfortable position

Vigour bikes

lightweight and fast luxury assembly sporty position

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Handmade in Amsterdam

Design your bike exactly how want it. Use the configurator online to customise every detail from frame size to mudguards. 

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The circular e-bike revolution

Discover Roetz Life

Introducing Roetz Life. The e- bike, designed to ride forever. Built from high quality modules, (re-)configurable to your needs. Continuously monitored, with next day service. Pre-order now:

Discover Roetz Life

Our mission

Join our ride to a better world

As a social enterprise we nurture people with a distance from the labour market into becoming talented mechanics through our apprenticeship programs. We don't stop there; Each one of our bikes is manufactured using restored and treated bicycle frames, giving discarded bicycles a second chance too!

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Roetz partners with Jennifer Hoffman

a sustainable City escape

Our new ambassador Jennifer Hoffman takes the Vigour+  for a city escape and tells about her sustainable goals for a better world. 

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Design your own

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Simply fill in the form below to book a test ride at the Fair Factory in Amsterdam-Noord.

When you arrive, you'll likely be able to meet one of our talented makers who put our bikes together.

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