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Unique men making unique bikes

Meet the maker: a bicycle maker, in this case. Roetz-Bikes are proudly made by hand, in the Netherlands. Our team of makers consists of men with a distance to the job market, for whatever reason. The background of our team members is diverse, but their technical skills they have in common. 

We think it is awesome to work with these men. They all have valuable talents. They are strong, calm (or just the opposite), strong-minded, honest or have an exceptional eye for detail. All features which are useful in making a stylish bike, from something that was first seen as metal scrap.

In short; just like our bikes, the Roetz bike makers are unique. We train them to be experienced bicycle makers with extended knowledge.

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DESIGN and durability go hand in hand

For a bike the design is just as important as good driving capacities. At least, that is what we think. Your bike is your daily companion, so it is pleasant that it looks good. In our design, we work from our own strength and listen carefully to our customers and response on the street. We keep the authentic appearance of the reused frames and pick our own colors and fine parts carefully.

When it comes to the appearance of our bikes, we are not easily satisfied. We set high standards for the parts and materials we use. The quality and looks are definitely important but we also value durability and the origin of our raw materials. When there are no parts that meet our standards, we design them ourselves, like our wooden fenders and cork grips. The result is a uniquely designed bike, that can be seen.

frames with a history

If there is one thing we as bike producers distinguish ourselves from all other brand, it is that we re-use old frames to make new ones. When they are used, worn out and discarded that is.

Every Roetz-Bikes has a frame with a history that is ready for a second life. To be sure you have a bike with a solid frame we make a careful selection and work only with steel frames of producers that have proved to be good. Brands that have excelled in making robust frames that last longer the rest of the bike.

A few years ago, our mission to choose reusing was very unusual, but now it feels familiar and logical. Not so strange if you consider that over a 1.000.000 bikes are being thrown away yearly and our raw materials are running low. Caution with are materials has become so natural for us that is a starting point for even more of our products and processes. Our dress guards are made from discarded industrial conveyor belt. Our wooden crates are made from Amsterdam trees that are saved from the shredder. Wherever we can we try to bring back the bikes’ transport boxes to our factory, so they can be used again. And what about all the possibilities still open for inner tubes, saddles, wheels and chains!

making bikes by hand and with care

Making bikes is a trade, a craftsmanship. To learn a trade requires experience. At the Roetz Fair Factory, our bike makers get time and space, so your bike can be made with full attention. One by one, by hand. To us, making a bike is more than just assembling loose parts. What's more, we encourage our makers to study for their diploma as bike technician.

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We choose to work with the best bike stores in the country. The bike makers there also understand the trade. They can do your maintenance, to keep the bike in top shape. With this much care during its second life, chances are your bike will survive. 

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