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Lease an e-bike

Ride without worries

Get on your e-bike without any worries for a fixed amount per month. Including service, insurance and maintenance.

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Leasing an e-bike

How does it work?

Leasing an e-bike works the same as leasing a car: for a fixed amount per month you drive a brand new Roetz e-bike, worriless. Maintenance, repair and insurance are covered. Furthermore, it's tax attractive for employers. If you lease an e-bike through work, you as an employee only pay a few euros per month.

How do I request a lease e-bike?

At Roetz we work together with well-known Dutch lease partners. This is how you order your lease e-bike from Roetz:

That makes it simple. Just configure your Roetz e-bike in the configurator and place it in your shopping cart.

  1. Follow the checkout steps in shopping cart.

  2. In the comment field, fill in your vouchercode and let us know through which platform you are leasing.

  3. In the checkout, please choose the payment method 'WKR Nederland'. The application will then be sent to us.

  4. When you complete the order, we will prepare the lease quote and contact you to help you further.

Any questions? Don't hestitate to ask.

At Roetz we can arrange the lease application for you. We do this with our lease partner Fietslease. Would you like to request a lease quote? Please do as follows, you are not committed to anything yet:

  1. First put together your desired e-bike in the configurator.

  2. Follow the steps in the shopping cart. Important: fill in the comments field: "I would like to request a lease quote"

  3. Choose the payment method 'WKR Nederland'. The request is received by us after confirming the order. Note: this is not a final order, but a quote request. So you are not tied to anything.

  4. After receiving this order, we will prepare the lease quote for you and contact you to assist you further.

In addition to leasing, you can still purchase a bicycle via the existing bicycle plan through your work. Examples include 'Fiets van de zaak', the work-related costs scheme or fiscfree platform. The purchase of a bicycle is then deducted from your gross salary, which results in a tax advantage. Submitting this is easy. Choose 'WKR Nederland' for payment in the checkout. You will receive a confirmation from us and you can submit the receipt to your employer.

Lease for employees

tax addition per month* Design e-bike

Lease for employers

per month* ex VAT Design e-bike

Private lease

per month* inc VAT Design e-bike
**Example: e-bike of €2500 | 36 months contract

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