Roetz-Bikes | Circular Economy


Circular economy

Our world is a closed system and our sources of raw materials are ending. With our current linear system of 'take-make-waste', our raw material stocks are severely depleted. It is time to re-think the fundamentals of our economy.

Dutch architect Thomas Rau proved that if a lamp manufacturer sells light instead of light bulbs, he will design lamps that last as long as possible, are easily demountable and recyclable.

In a circular economy, the producer designs products that can be 'made to be made again', as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation puts it. In the case of Roetz, we do not want to sell bicycles in the future but instead offer our customers sustainable, flexible and affordable mobility.

Our circular ambition

When we started Roetz-Bikes, we set out to reduce the enormous pile of discarded bikes. One million bikes are thrown away annually in the Netherlands alone! Roetz is the first to remanufacture bikes and bike fleets on a larger scale. With five years of experience, we are all set to aim for the stars: a 100% circular bike.

Roetz collection

By reworking the frame of a discarded bike and up-cycling materials for our accessories, we achieve 40% circularity with our current models 

Fleet solutions

We help fleet owners extend the lifecycle of their bikes. With the OV-fiets Recycle program, we re-use 70% of the material. 
Read the full case study here

Circular bike

We don’t stop and are hungry for more. We strive to be the first bike brand with a 100% circular bike respecting the value of material and embracing people’s talents.