Learn how to assemble your Roetz bike at home | Roetz-Bikes


When you order your Roetz online, you can pick it up at our Fair Factory or can have the bike delivered at one of Roetz’s selling points or at your home. If your Roetz is being delivered at your home address, you need to assemble some of the parts yourself. Don't panic, we've got your back! Check out all these videos, especially for you.

What's in the box?

Once you've ordered your Roetz to be delivered at your home address, you probably can't wait. See what will be in the box!

Mounting the bell

Ting! The golden or silver beauty is something you really need, especially in the city. Just a small video to show you how to mount this bell.

Get your lights ready

Attaching your light to have a safe ride is very important. Follow this video below and your ready to go!

Attach your saddle

Experiencing a great ride is only possible when you are comfortable. So adjust your saddle the right way and your ride will be just as smooth.

Paddle away

This is an essential step: mounting your pedals. The pedals are not yet attached to your Roetz, because otherwise the bike will not fit the box. A one minute video to show you how!

Securing the handlebar

Let's handle this: are you ready for your handlebar? Without this part, you can't really start enyoing your Roetz. It is easy to do, but make sure it is exactly in the middle!

Attaching the front carrier

When you have chosen an extra accessory such as a wire basket or our wooden crate, you still need to attach it together with your front carrier. Here we show you how.

Mounting the brakes

Now it is getting interesting, because mounting the brakes is not the easiest job. But don't worry: we've got your back. Check out this video and you'll be all set!