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Frequently asked questions

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We can turn that question around: why would we make new frames if 1.000.000 bikes are thrown away every year? Most people see discarded bikes and waste. We see shiny design-bikes in the making. These orphan-bikes just need the tender loving care of our bike mechanics!

We select the best (A-brand) steel bikes, dismantle the bike into its parts, remove the original coating from the frame and check them thoroughly. Only the frames that meet our quality standards are painted in the colour laquer you choose.

Just to be clear: a Roetz is no second-hand bike. We are convinced that our re-used steel frames outlive most present-day frames by far. Therefore, we grant 5-year warranty on the frame.

Absolutely! Your Roetz-Bike is even unique in two ways.

First, as we re-use frames of discarded bikes, every single Roetz-Bike is one-of-a-kind and has unique details. You may discover imprints or ornaments of the original brand or a typical form, such as the French or Dutch classic style. Naturally, the exact frame shape may differ from the images you see on this website.

Second, you are the designer and can customize your Roetz-Bike to make it your very own signature bike. Check out the configurator and start accessorizing!

We would love to have a simple answer for you. We are working on making the positive impact on people and planet more tangible, such as CO2 savings. As there are too many influences, we do not dare to make statements just yet. A selection of sustainable measures we take:

  • Re-using the frame and fork (40% of the bike)

  • Re-cycling all parts we cannot use as well as packaging material

  • Using regenerative components such as wood and cork

  • Giving discarded materials a second life: conveyor belts become dress guards

  • Sourcing from suppliers in the Netherlands, bordering countries or Europe to minimize transport (and thereby CO2).

  • Ensuring high quality standards for all parts, such as tyres, breaks, saddles for years of intensive use

  • Employing people with poor job prospects and encourage them to use their talents

In short, you can say that 40% of a Roetz-Bike is re-used. In our Fair Factory, we also remanufacture large bike fleets. In case of the OV-fiets, we can create a new bike consisting of 70% re-used materials. Read more about the OV-fiets/Recycle case here.

Wooden fenders give your Roetz a signature look. They are custom-made for Roetz by a German supplier. We use embossed beech wood (FSC) with a protective coating. Unlike aluminium, wooden fenders do not rust and scratches are less visible thanks to the flexibility of the material.

Of course! Every Roetz-Bike has a remanufactured steel frame which meets our high quality standards. We make a careful selection and work only with brands that have proven to build solid bikes in the past. These steel frames are very robust and still in great shape to take on a second life. Therefore, we grant a five-year warranty on the frame. Need more details? Read more about our warranty here.

Yes, front and rear child seats can be mounted on a Roetz-Bike. Most models fit on our bikes, for example Yepp and Bobike. If in doubt, contact your dealer for advice. We recommend a double stand for your Roetz when planning on mounting a child seat to prevent the bike from falling over.

A Roetz-Bike makes a solid transport bike with its steel frame and robust carriers. We guarantee a load capacity of 15kg on the front carrier and rear carrier. By the way, our wheels feature extra thick stainless steel spokes to make sure they are ready for any kind of transportation.

Yes, you can hand in your old bike at one of our dealers or at our Fair Factory. We will make sure it will be re-used again as Roet-Bike if it meets our quality requirements. We cannot, however, re-make your old bike specifically for you as this would increase the complexity in our workshop tremendously. There are special bike shops that offer these kinds of custom services.

We understand that you want to cruise on a Roetz as fast as possible! We get to work for you as soon as we received your order. As every bike is custom-made with care and craftmanship, our makers need 6  weeks for a regular bike and 10 weeks for an e-bike.  The delivery time is stated when you configure your bike. There is a temporary extended delivery time on the Vigour from 10 till 12 weeks. Sometimes during busy weeks, it can take up to a maximum of 2 weeks extra.

Absolutely, you can design your custom Roetz-Bike and pay online safely. We offer various payment methods: iDeal, PayPal, credit cards, Bankcontact, giropay, Sofort Banking. If you are living in the Netherlands, you may be eligible to a tax benefit called ‘werkkostenregeling’; learn more about it here.

There is a tax regulation in the Netherlands called 'werkkostenregeling' (WKR). You order your Roetz-Bike (including accessories and insurance if you wish) via your employer and pay for it with the gross salary. Check for more details on this regulation on Nationale Fietsprojecten, Bedrijfsfietsen Nederland or FiscFree.

When ordering a Roetz-Bike via our website, you can choose a payment method called “WKR / FISC FREE / BFN”. You submit the order confirmation we will send by e-mail to your employer or WKR-provider. As soon as we receive confirmation, we get to work for you.

Please note that this regulation is only available in the Netherlands and that employers are not obliged to offer the ' werkkostenregeling'. Want to know more? Read our blog post about it.

We offer two standard frame sizes: regular and small. Pick the one that fits your hight best. If in doubt, we advise you to take the larger framesize.
Upon special request we have extra small and extra large available.

Framesize Height Ladies Height Men
Medium 158-169 170-179
Large 170-179 180-189

Our E-bikes Road+ and Vigour+ are equiped with a BIKE all in one hub which has an integrated Kinetic Energy Recuperation System (KERS). With this system you can use the electric motor as a generator to brake the bike and recharge the battery of BIKE all in one. To activate regenerative braking you have to padle backwards. As soon as you stop pedaling backwards, the engine will stop braking.

This means it helps you when you need it and recharging the battery where you deliver extra energy. You could say is it is a non-plugin hybrid bike!

Yes, the app for the Vigour+ and Road+ is called Bitride and works on both platforms. Download the Bitride app here: Android Play and iTunes.

Leather is natural material that provides long-lasting comfort and support. In order to have years of cycling, maintenance is of great importance. Here we give you some tips:

Brooks Proofide leather grease is recommended to make the leather supple, which improves the running-in and protects the saddle from external influences. Use the grease several times in the running-in period and repeat every few months.

Check out the official Brooks England website for expert advice on maintenance!

When you order your Roetz online, you can have the bike delivered at one of Roetz’s selling points or at your home. When you choose a selling point, our dealer will do the final assembly and contact you when it’s ready. Of course you can also have your maintenance done by this dealer. If you want to have your bike delivered at your home in The Netherlands, that's also possible. You do have to assemble some parts yourself, but don't worry: we've got your back. We've made some How-To videos especially for you! Check them out here.

Batteries can contain harmful substances for people and the environment. It is therefore important that discarded batteries are collected and processed separately from household waste. The batteries are marked with the crossed-out bin symbol. In case you would like to replace the battery of your e-bike due to defect condition or battery health state, you could return your e-bike at one of our dealers or at the Roetz Fair Factory for a battery swap. Roetz-Bikes will take responsibility for disposal of the old battery free of charge. We ensure that the discarded batteries, when they can no longer be repaired or reused, are processed in accordance with legal regulations and the materials can be reused
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Please go to our dedicated Remote Controller Getting Started Guide page for detailled guide to get started with the e-bike remote controller.