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Configurator - Vigour+ E-bike Ladies


The Vigour+ Ladies is an electric bike with a hidden battery. It has a silent yet powerful Zehus motor. It is an intelligent lightweight e-bike and it charges its battery when you brake. This trendy design e-bike also has a unique steel frame. You can customize the rest! The Vigour+ works with a special app. Simply select different power modes on your e-bike app to control the smart motor via Bluetooth connection. As you can expect of Roetz, every bike comes with a re-used steel frame and every Vigour+ is built by hand. High quality guaranteed.


- Available in five colors
- Total weight: from 19 kg

- All-in-one E-bike motor hub in the rear wheel (no wires)
- 250 Watt motor
- Range: 25 - 45 km
- 30V Li-ion, 176 Wh battery
- 3 E-bike levels: Eco, Custom and Turbo
- Control with the app or optionally via remote controler on the handlebar.

- Unique steel frame
- High-quality crank and pedals
- Anti-puncture tire, creme (28”)
- Axa Solid lock
- Sports saddle
- Aluminum rims
- Aluminum of wooden chain strip
- Aluminum or wooden fenders
- Stainless steel mounting hardware
- Stainless steel spokes (13G)
- Suitable for carriers and (rear) child seats

- Delivery time: 4 - 6 weeks